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Saturday 16 July, 2016

TOD'S to join Shanghai Shenhua exclusive custom Blue Devils Peas

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Recently, the Italian luxury handmade leather goods brand TODS (Todd) to join Shanghai well-known veteran team - Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club, a member of the team Shenhua exclusive custom limited edition series Gommino Club Peas shoes, the brand proud handicraft manufacturing and personal customization spiritual highlight out.

TODS Gommino Club Series Men Peas shoes custom box

This limited edition comes from TODS shoes this spring and summer newest custom footwear series, at which surprises that will TODS another star product - leather braided bracelet as ribbons decorate Peas SHOES surface, to create a taste of spring jumping fun playing the gentleman. The basis for the Shenhua players and tailored care style footwear classic footwear above, into the Shenhua team's signature elements, feelings and make Shanghai Italian style bump, perfect collision.

Geng Xiaofeng TODS boutiques in selected leather Gommino Club Custom Shop

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC) as Shanghai Shenhua Football Club (Shanghai Shenhua FC) predecessor, was established in December 10, 1993, in Chinese football is a prestigious professional football club, they have won in 1995 and 2003 Chinese soccer League A championship. In Shanghai talking about the spirit of sport, must ultimately "Shenhua" This team has many fans. This is rooted in the local Shanghai Shanghai team influenced a generation of fans, they will warm gives Shenhua football team, with the change of the years into a Shanghai feelings. When Shanghai Feelings meets Italian style, is not only the life style and tone feelings of the collision, but Shenhua team and Spirit TODS brand of common expression. Shenhua team year after year to adhere to dozens of football and Language TODS brand of modern industrial society still adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship coincide. Veteran team through the tireless adhere to promote the vigorous development of Chinese football, as generation after generation of Chinese fans to bring expectations and hopes, and to promote the spiritual heritage of Chinese football football development. The TODS brand carries on the Italian classics and traditional crafts insistence luxury heritage brand building quality and virtuosity beginning. Shenhua and TODS in different business areas stick to the initial share of Conscience, never forgotten once brilliant, but now hold pragmatic in the moment, this vision of a better future.

This, to join Shanghai Shenhua Football Club TODS Peas shoes custom, special invitations to the Shenhua team famous player Geng Xiaofeng, Cao Yun given here TODS Shanghai site boutique feel great wearing experience TODS shoes, they said: for the players to choose a pair the primary criterion for footwear that is comfortable, and TODS Peas shoes is the favorite option of many of footwear. Scene, they also personally selected Shenhua iconic elements to create an exclusive limited edition Gommino Club series Shenhua Peas shoes. The limited edition Blue Devils Gommino Club series TODS Peas shoes in the tradition of classic comfort, based on the Shenhua players specially selected blue leather shoes as the main colors. Players Geng Xiaofeng said: "This is taken from the blue Shenhua team's iconic color," Shenhua blue "is not only a lucky color Shenhua team, Shenhua team jersey is the main color of the upper sash bracelet. the choice of red, blue and white tricolor braided leather build, achievement, "Shenhua" limited edition shoes multicolor wonderful combination of these three colors for the team Shenhua team logo color, a symbol of courage Shenhua soccer team spirit . "

Tods Gommino Club

Shenhua first limited edition series Gommino Club TODS Peas shoes being used by Italian artisans focused production, is expected in early August duly served Shenhua team players hands. As the Shenhua team's loyal fans, you can also go TODS boutiques and services together Shenhua experience custom footwear, customize yours different kind of summer colors Peas shoes.

About Gommino Peas shoes

As TODS shoes of representative work, "Peas shoes" perfect blend of Italian elegance and modern style. Inspired by the classic series of footwear from the last century 50's driving shoes, the soles iconic 133 rubber pellets is also "Peas shoes" enduring charm. The perfect match for all kinds of occasions Jieke dress "Peas shoes" has been well received by all sectors of fashion celebrities sought after, not only from TODS on leather craft to attain the pursuit, but also from "Peas shoes" of interpretation Italian fashion essence.

About My Colours bracelet

TODS iconic "My Colours" are all hand ring has been popular men's series accessories, choose a variety of colors bracelet leather woven. Color ring on the hand symbol of family and team colors, giving lucky as meaning tied to the wrist. In the West, every football club and the university community have exclusive lucky color, as their logo. The mention of this bracelet, coach of the German team from what had been tied with TODS "My Colours" bracelet to bring good luck, eventually led the German team won the championship in the World Cup contention.
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