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Saturday 16 July, 2016

Tods bought Vivier Roger from peas shoes and square buckle shoes

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Italian luxury goods group TOD 's announced to 4.15 billion euros ($28.2 billion yuan), from the hands of the TOD's chief executive officer Diego Della Valle, and his family, full acquisition under French footwear and accessories brand Roger Vivier.
In short, is well-known Tod's shoes, and shoes with a square buckle shoes known as Vivier Roger is now a family.
Roger Vivier in 1907 was born in Paris, alive while he was Christian Dior, YSL, Blamain and other high-end brand design shoes shoe, and continue to test the silk, chiffon, bowknot, pearl, and even senior workshops, Lesage embroidery decoration to the upper. Today, the hot Louboutin Chritian also in his internship, and said Vivier Roger is a symbol of Paris elegant, noble".
2001, Valle Della's private holding company in Vivier Roger after the death of the founder of the acquisition under the square buckle and high heels known brands in the world. In fact, the relationship between the Tod's group and the Vivier Roger has become very tight since then - in the last 10 years, s' Tod holds the franchise of Vivier Roger. From the recent release of the 2015 first 9 months of the results of the report, although Vivier Roger in the group's overall revenue accounted for only 14.2%, but its up to 20.1% increase in the race to win the group's other brands. Tod 's with the same name tags, Fay and Hogan each accounted for 57.6%, 22.5% and 5.6%.
Even in the weak sales of luxury goods in the Greater China region, Vivier Roger is still doing well. In September this year, in Hong Kong's most expensive commercial strip Causeway Bay opened the third shop, the sales brand series products, footwear, handbags and fur. Tod's group's chief financial officer, Macellari Emilio, said: "Vivier Roger is the group's most profitable brands." In the conference call, he revealed the stiletto shoes brand profits accounted for about 27%-28%.
But the problem is, Roger holds the Vivier Tod's production and distribution rights will expire in 2016. In the past few years, Tod's group has been trying to buy Vivier Roger, in order to ensure that this can make a lot of money brands will not be robbed by other competitors. But this proposal is constantly being rejected by Valle Della and his family. Right now, finally got it.
"Comprehensive acquisition eliminates the uncertainty of the franchise period, the long-term prospects for the development of the s' Tod 'group." RBC capital market analyst Fujimori Rogerio wrote in a report: but this is still not enough to change our view of s' Tod, it's the same store sales growth is weak."
In the first 45 weeks of November 8th, in accordance with the constant exchange rate calculation, s' Tod group's same store sales fell by 6.1%. Interest tax depreciation and amortization before the core profit (EBITDA) of 1.564 euros (about 10.625 yuan), far below analysts' expectations, and core profit margin fell to 21.1% (26.5% last year).
The group released on November 22 announcement shows that the Della Valle family will from transactions to take 2.075 billion euros ($14.1 billion yuan), to 85.83 euros per share (about 583.24 yuan of RMBs) at a price of additional capital to TOD's, its holdings by 57.47% increased 60.66%.

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